Actress Ashley Tisdale Teams with Colgate Total to Eliminate Dental Anxiety

Ashley has teamed up with Colgate in support of the brand’s latest toothpaste innovation, Plaque Pro Release, and its interactive pop-up booth, “Totally Honest.” The vibrant pop-up booth gives NYC passersby a chance to “come clean” about the oral care habit fibs—big and small—they’ve fed their hygienists. And there is no better place for it than in the heart of the world’s largest city with the least amount of judgment, on August 8 and 9.

Colgate wants everyone to be totally honest with their dentist and is partnering with actress, singer, entrepreneur, and mom Ashley Tisdale to share her tips for managing dental anxiety and staying dentist-ready between appointments.

“As a mom who is passionate about wellness, being proactive about my health is super important to me, but visiting the dentist isn’t exactly my favorite thing,” said Ashley Tisdale. “I am no stranger to dental anxiety, which is why I’m excited to have a toothpaste that I can trust to do a good job. By incorporating Colgate Total® Plaque Pro-Release into my daily routine, I feel confident being totally honest with my dentist, knowing I am doing what I can to get ahead of oral health problems before they start.”

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“I definitely get anxious going to the dentist,” Tisdale admits with a pearly white smile. “There have been multiple times where he [her dentist] was like, ‘Have you been flossing?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeahh,” she says sheepishly (and not so convincingly). “You never want to tell your dentist everything.”

“It’s completely helped my confidence, because I know that I’m obviously creating really good habits for myself, and it makes me feel like I’m able to – just by taking care of myself and using Colgate – get ahead of any kind of gingivitis or cavities,” she told HAPPI. “I love going to the dentist at the same time, just because [my] teeth feel really great. It’s all-encompassing to wellness, so it’s important to keep going. I haven’t had a cavity in so long.”