Natrol® and Ashley Tisdale Team Up to Launch the Back on Track Giveaway – Encouraging Americans to Reclaim Lost Sleep Ahead of the Busy Fall Season

Ashley Tisdale teamed up with Natrol® to Launch the Back on Track Giveaway, to empower individuals to get ready for rest and reset their sleep routines to live their best life with an exclusive giveaway of tools and resources designed to support a healthy sleep routine.

This partnership helps people get their sleep back on track, so they can navigate the transition from summer to fall with ease — something that is especially important for Tisdale as her daughter Jupiter Iris French, 2, prepares to start school this fall. And if all of that wasn’t enough, “I’m also interior designing two homes right now, just on the side, just for fun,” the entrepreneur and actress tells Shape. “So I’m constantly busy and if I don’t get good sleep, it’s just not a good day.

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“I am someone who loves to work a lot, and I tend to kind of just binge work in some ways, so there are small things that you can do,” she explains. “It’s important to step away from your computer and just go outside and sit there for a couple of minutes, like, off your phone, just in nature, and those little sips of sitting there and letting your nervous system come down really also help just kind of prepare you to have great sleep as well.” Tisdale has been open about dealing with anxiety over the years, and she has realized how far working to soothe her anxiety throughout the day goes towards helping her sleep more soundly at night. Of course, that’s not to say she doesn’t also have a toolkit of pre-bedtime rituals to ensure she wakes up feeling rested the next day, including tapping into the Being Frenshe Lavender Cloud range, which blends lavender, sage, coconut milk and purple iris, and is specifically designed to help you unwind via the likes of scented bath bombs and essential oil-infused candles. She’s also a big fan of Natrol’s melatonin gummies, which she finds are “so good at helping you get to sleep but also stay asleep.”

For Tisdale, getting restorative sleep directly affects how much energy she has to make the most of her time with Jupiter — especially since she’ll be seeing less of the little girl once she starts school. If she doesn’t sleep well, she explains, she’s more likely to get her husband to be up with their daughter when she wakes up. “I’m like, ‘oh my God, take this morning, like, I didn’t get good sleep,’” she says. “You know, I’ve had insomnia in the past, so I’m prone to having those sleepless nights. So now it’s just so important for me to get really good restful sleep, so I can be there in the [morning] to get her ready for school.”

Designed to inspire and support consumers as they reset their sleep routine, the Back on Track Pack giveaway launches August 14th and runs through September 15th. 50 randomly selected individuals have the chance to win a Back on Track Pack – 10 winners announced each week – along with a $50 Target gift card. Together with Natrol melatonin products, Ashley has selected three Being Frenshe products from its Lavender Cloud line to include in the Back on Track giveaway packs to provide the ultimate sleep support ritual and soothe you into sweet dreams: Hair, Body & Linen Mist, Reset Candle and Milky Hydrating Lotion.